Epson L220 Drivers – As we know, many good printer brands are sold in the market. There is a Canon-brand printer, one printer brand that is quite favourable in the community, namely Epson printers. Epson printers have many types, but the most superior type now is the Epson L220 printer. Epson L220 Drivers Download for Windows XP, Vista, Wind 7, Wind 8, Wind 8.1, Wind 10 (32bit – 64bit), Mac OS and Linux.

Epson L220 Review

Epson L220 printer is one of the brands of Epson printers. It can even be called Epson L220 is the most recent breakthrough of Epson printers where. This printer is an upgraded printer from the Epson L210 printer. Where the L220 printer, all features are made more contemporary and more multifunctional.

One of the additional applications is that it is equipped with a scan and copy application. Epson L220 printer is a type of inkjet printer that has been equipped with an ink cartridge and ink hose directly to the cartridge. Until the ink fills, the user simply pours the ink into the ink cartridge then clean, because the link will automatically be distributed to the cartridge.

Besides this Epson printer has been equipped with the use of ink-saving. Prediction in 1x contents of black ink can be used to print around 4000 pages until it’s not too wasteful to use. Therefore, to be more durable and make good results, use original or printer ink types for the Epson L220.

Has High Print Speed

This Epson L220 printer has a fairly high print speed compared to other printers in its class. The Epson L220 has a print speed of 27 sheets per minute for mono and 15 sheets for colour. With speed given, it will make it easier for us to print, and of course, we will be more time-efficient.

Economical and Complete Print Solution

This Epson L220 printer also provides the most efficient and complete print and documentation solutions for us. This printer is equipped with print, scan and copy functions, so you don’t need to buy another documentation tool. In one refill or full charge, the Epson L220 can print up to 6500 colour sheets and 4500 mono or black and white sheets.

High-Resolution Print Results

This Epson L220 printer comes with a Micro Piezo Technology Print Head, a more reliable performance. Piezo print heads are more durable than print heads with thermal technology. Piezo print heads are designed to be able to print in large numbers and quickly.

This print head can print up to a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440dpi, with Variable Size Droplet Technology (VSDT), which means that this print head can ejecting ink of various sizes and produces sharper details of writing and images with smoother gradations.

The Epson L220 printer is a new innovation released by Epson to enhance the previous type of printer. So that this printer has the technology and quality that is better than the previous version. Even so, the price of the Epson L220 printer is not much different from the previous version.

Epson L220 Drivers

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