Epson PLQ 20 Driver – The Epson PLQ 20 Passbook Printer is a 24 pin dot matrix printer designed to handle passbooks up to 2.6 mm thick. It can easily be integrated into existing IT environments with ESC / P2, IBM emulation settings, and Olivetti PR2E default settings. Epson PLQ 20 Driver Download for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Wind 8, Wind 8.1, Windows 10 (32bit – 64bit), Mac OS, and Linux.

Epson PLQ 20 Review

Scorching Fast Rates

The 24-pin PLQ-20 collection is fast and flexible, with publishing rates of up to 480cps; high-speed paper throughput enables you to obtain much more accomplished in a brief time period. Output rates are improved with practical automated sheet positioning, automated publish head modification, and automated web page boundary features that enable problem-free publishing; this not just equates to enhanced efficiency but improved client satisfaction and decreased cost as well.


The PLQ-20 collection printers are not just the ideal choice for passbook publishing; their versatility also fits a wide range of publishing needs. Among the key benefits of the PLQ-20 collection is the ability to publish on various media used in banks and federal government divisions.

These consist of a passbook of up to 2.6mm thick, financial slides, visas, forms, invoices, tickets, and a variety of various other certifications. Furthermore, many options are readily available to fit various business needs, consisting of continuous paper feeding, cut-sheets, and tag publishing. The printers also make multi-copy publishing simple, with 1+6 duplicates of carbon publishing for information archiving and matches.

Dependability That You Can Matter

On The PLQ-20 collection, printers are not just fast; they’re supremely dependable. Built to last, these durable printers will regularly perform in one of the busiest business atmospheres. They have an implied quantity in between failing (MVBF) of an astounding 7 million lines!

This is further improved by a high imply time before failing (MTBF) of 10,000 power-on hrs and a publish head life of 400 million strokes/cable. The Best of Tiny Packages The PLQ-20 collection of printers are effective pocket-sized packages. Taking up just a percentage of space, they are ideal for responding to applications or atmospheres where space is limited.

Epson PLQ 20 Driver – A wise paper guide design, which flexes forms or documents to be published, is another Epson resourcefulness that conserves space behind the printer. Maximize you’re publish location environment with the PLQ-20 collection small impact and optional space-conserving set. It consists of a leading paper tray for keeping forms, documents, and publications.

Smooth Integration

With its ESC/P2, IBM, WNI, and Olivetti emulation, you can easily install the PLQ-20 collection right into your current IT facilities. The PLQ-20 collection comes with Identical, Serial, and USB user interfaces and can be connected via USB to a wired and cordless network.

This versatility enables you to take benefit of specific solutions as your needs expand. Decreased Total Cost of Possession The benefits of high efficiency and reduced bow yield, combined with reduced serviced upkeep, outcomes in a lot decreased Total Cost of Possession.

Bows on the PLQ-20 collection of printers are much longer enduring than conventional printers and need not be changed before a significant size of time. With a bow life of 5 million personality yields, the PLQ-20 collection ensures improved Total Cost of Possession than typical printers that use bows that last for just 3.5 million personalities.

Easy Procedures and Functionality

The PLQ-20 collection-wise features make procedures hassle-free. Automated functions on the PLQ-20 collection constantly ensure consistent and hassle-free publishing. These printers offer superior and improved offering user-friendly upkeep abilities such as the safe and simple bow changing treatment that makes it easy it manage without the need for expensive and time-consuming IT support.

Wise Functionality Auto Platen Space Modification

The automated moving platen and roller-equipped publish head enables the PLQ-20 collection to approve various media densities. Auto Sheet Positioning Picture Sensing units spot and immediately instruct the Paper Feed Roller to realign any misfed documents.

Auto Boundary Function A paper size detector intelligently enables publishing on the same range from the paper side anywhere the paper is set within the paper tray. Paper widths are also immediately detected to ensure publishing at the proper position on the fed products.

System Requirements of Epson PLQ 20


  • Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8.1 32-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit

Mac OS


  • Linux 32bit, Linux 64-bit.

How to Install Epson PLQ 20 Driver

  • Go to the printer’s official website, or directly click the link that the post is available to.
  • Then select Operating System (OS) according to which is in use.
  • Select the drivers to download.
  • Open the file location that downloaded the driver, then extract (if needed).
  • Connect the printer’s USB cable to your device (computer or laptop), and be sure to connect correctly.
  • Open the driver file and start on the path.
  • Follow the instructions until completed.
  • If done, make sure to restart (if needed).

Epson PLQ 20 Driver


Mac OS

  • Driver for Mac OS: download


Epson PLQ 20 from Epson Website.