iPhone 11 User Guide PDF and Manual Downloads

(Last Updated on: June 17, 2020)

iPhone 11 User Guide PDF and Manual Downloads. A new dual‑camera unit captures additional of what you see and love. The fastest chip ever in a smartphone and all‑day battery life let you do even more and charge less. And the highest‑quality video in a smartphone, so your memories look better than ever.

All-new dual camera body. Take your photos from wide to ultra‑wide. A redesigned interface uses the new Ultra-Wide camera to show you what’s happening outside the frame– and lets you capture it. Shoot and edit videos as easily as you do photos. It’s the world’s most popular camera, now with a whole new perspective.

iPhone 11 User Guide PDF and Manual Downloads

Shoot and edit the first-rate video in a smartphone. iPhone 11 shoots beautifully sharp 4K video at 60 fps across all its cameras. The Ultra Wide camera captures 4x more scene, so it’s perfect for action shots like your friend catching a frisbee. If you’re recording a performance– say, your kid’s piano recital– when you zoom in, the audio zooms too. And now you can edit videos as easily as you do photos.

Still starts at 64GB

The $699 iPhone 11 model gets 64GB of storage, which is probably fine for lots of people– and it’s a $50 price drop from last year’s iPhone XR base model. 128GB for $749 probably makes even more sense if you’re shooting any video and 256GB for $849 should only be a consideration if you’re shooting a ton of video. The Pro phones add a 512GB tier that you won’t need unless you’re shooting in 4K for a living. See the chart at the end of this review for complete pricing details, including UK and Australian prices.


For whatever reasons, Apple is still creating the lower-priced iPhone 11, the one that can be found in fun colors. There are two new colors, called green and purple, that are more like mint green and lavender. These new pastel colors replace heaven and coral options from last year.

I have the green iPhone 11. Its color is pleasant, and the aluminum case color is much closer to seamless with the glass color. The glossy glass back feels the same as last year’s XR. Does the rest of the phone– except for the dual cameras, which are raised up from the back and placed in a frosted glass camera square.

iPhone 11 User Guide PDF and Manual Downloads